1. I have diastema and I have decided to make my smile prettier with dental coating. I read that is possible to fix it. 

It is true that with veneers made out of thin layer of porcelain smaller imperfections of shape, position and color of the teeth can be repaired. For making the veneer we shall smooth out the tooth to the layer of dentine, followed by the footprint of the dental arch, and then follows the making of the porcelain veneer in the laboratory on the previously prepared tooth by the dentist. It is then cemented on the tooth surface in the clinic.

2. I am interested in onlays, because my teeth are somehow “melting”, crumbling, in short, they are disappearing. I think that the only solution would be, I say, 6 of the layers (this is just my personal opinion). I would like to ask you about the prices (approximate) for such procedure. 

Certainly I would advise you the check-up and consultation in our clinic. In that way we could determine whether the onlays are the only and foremost the best solution for your problems.

3. What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry which improves the health of your teeth and your smile. Almost every procedure has two functions: the cosmetic and the functional. Before the procedure the experienced dentist considers about both of the elements when one is making a decision about the certain procedure. For patients that means a beautiful smile and a safe future.

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