Price list: dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, other services

General price list is not published due to need of information about your dental problems and price of procedures before setting definite final price of the treatment.

Often it happens that customers check prices of the implants and cosmetic dentistry on a Web page and then expect that this is the price of the whole treatment. Problems occur when dentist publishes low prices on the website and when the final price happens to be much higher after including the costs of service.   

We will be pleased to tell you the final price of the service of the cosmetic dentistry, but solely on the basis of at least basic information which can be easily provided by the Order form on the right or via the telephone (number is given on the top of the website).

Possible methods of payment

At our clinic one can pay with cash or with various credit cards: Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Diners (payment option in 4 installments). American Express card is not accepted.

Dental implants – what affects their price?

Implant prices fluctuate according to manufacturer. All manufacturers use similar materials for manufacturing the implant. The differences are only in a fact that some manufacturers charge more for a particular implant, while price and quality are not necessarily connected. Sometimes the dental implant of the cheaper manufacturer will fit better into the bone that the implant of the manufacturer with higher price.

The choice of the most suitable implant is given to a surgeon in the clinic, of course. The surgeon selects the best dental implant for your type of bone and location of the implantation. The implant and surgical work is included in the price which is paid for the procedure, of course. Sometimes it takes more time and work for a good positioning of the implant, thus the price of the whole process is higher in the end.

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