Medical check-up for caries, dental calculus, dental plaque and other problems

When the patient comes in the dental clinic for the first time, it is crucial to thoroughly check the teeth and periodontal tissues for the main problems such as caries, dental calculus and other.

Cosmetic dentistry: restoration, inlays, onlays, cosmetic teeth covers

Harmonious combining of the cosmetics and functionality is crucial in the cosmetic dentistry. This is the only option to professionally conclude our work and to provide a symmetrical smile for our customers.

Implants – dental implants

The implants or dental implants are a very successful medical procedure in modern dentistry which allows us to replace one or more teeth.

Dental bridge

If there are one or more teeth missing in your dental arch, we can fix the forming gap by dental bridge.

Dental prosthesis and combined dental prosthetics

We design your dental prosthesis to replace the missing teeth and gum. You will have a natural look with a prosthesis, which can be removed by ease and is simple for cleaning.

Dental coating

If the dental cavity or caries affects your teeth, it is necessary to remove all the affecting material and replace the resulting defect with the suitable artificial material, which is picked by your desires and needs.

Sealing of the teeth in cosmetic dentistry

Long are gone the times when we replaced the missing teeth by amalgam fillings. This kind of restoration is not in the domain of the cosmetic dentistry and is damaging our health according to some researches.

Fissure sealing

The most threatening danger to children´s teeth is dental cavity or caries. The most effective way to stop it is preventive and the fissure sealing.

Treatment of inflamed gums

When you are dealing with bleeding gums, you should take that seriously, visit the chosen dentist and determine the cause. Keep in mind that bleeding gums is often the first step to the heavier forms of periodontal disease.

Endodontics – root canal treatment

Modern approaches in stomatology allow patients to retain their teeth long into their high age. The suitable course of treatment is very important.

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